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No doubt patience is one of the intrinsic ability and quality being human we have to have. Though it is difficult to pertain and at times impossible in dire situations. A lot of what happens around us is mainly due to lack of patience; whether we be on road, in school, at shop, at home or any other place. Being humans, we are prone to instant reaction. If someone hits the car, the other person is ready to fight and call names.

Humans want everything as soon as their desire initiates for it. No patience to wait for the right time. The time which God has decided to give.

It is true that when a person is in a situation when he is hopeless, he thinks that he is destined to be doomed. But he is unable to realize that God has His own timings to give, which are the perfect and He only knows when to give. And this can only be understood by being patient on God’s decisions.

So trusting on God and being patient is the ultimate key towards moving ahead peacefully and without violence.

Inspired by Mala Teaha’s post The Patience.

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Who I am and why I am here

Does it matter WHO I AM?

A shadow of reality. A human being immersed in unspeakable thoughts, unimaginable dreams and unfulfilled accomplishments. A resident of panorama where each item is placed unintentionally, unwisely and insignificantly. A constant dreamer of unfinished reality and inappropriate subjective thoughts.

It certainly matters WHY I am here.

To give voice to unspeakable thoughts, to give life to unimaginable dreams and to achieve unfulfilled accomplishments. Making sense of unintentional, unwise and insignificant items placed in the panorama. Aspiring to attain the dreams of unfinished reality and to materialize inappropriate subjective thoughts.