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Silence is effective than words.

In the midst of crisis,

When the yelling is louder than words;

And they come up as hollow birds.

When you are tired uttering them,

And their essence is meaningless ford.

A profound wish,

When they are unspoken and silent;

To grasp the meaning of words.

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After every failure,

After every fall,

After each step pushed backwards,

She maintained the pace.

Not exactly straight.

Shaking steps,

And careful considerations,

Anxiety, when replaced by relaxation;

She tried to ascend.

Every time after failure,

Every time after fall,

She maintained the pace;

She tried to ascend.


The World doesn’t care about how many times you have failed. They pay tribute to only those who have ascended and are shining bright.

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Pressing of the thumb dispersed the fumes,

dragged her towards a weird land;

full of unusual imaginary shapes.

Fearless of consequences,

she moved forward.

Once a while, twice a while,

many a times.

Gradually becoming familiar,

with strange land and its residents.

Unfamiliarity turned into acquaintanceship.

Scent of “Treasure” led to

the Land of Strangers.

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Swept away by downpours;

Sidelined by the attackers;

Rudeness and arrogance of caretakers;

Made her to grow into a discoverer.

Unfamiliar roads of life;

Traveled by few in harsh times;

Groping by many in dark times;

A  pathway lead her to unknown destine.

Digging holes on the way;

Burying each secret on the way;

Dragging down the veil of lights;

Finally she managed to survive.