When the stream of desires flows and mixes with the river of day dreaming

When passion, love and emotions meet together and form an unusual bond

When the strings of heart play a romantic song

When echoes of music touch the soul

When the eyes blink and imagine wonders

When the fingers move and create fantasies

When loneliness spreads over crowd

When love conquers

There my personality starts with a usual outlook so that no body can predict what I am behind my name.

Earlier I was a lecturer of English Literature and Linguistics in a government sector university. Now I work as a writer. Music is something I can’t live without. The beats of drum, the notes of guitar, the melodious flute, the sounds of piano; I am in love with all. Mostly I prefer music in Urdu and some times Punjabi too as I love Sufi music. I know a bit of sketching and do it in my leisure time. Mostly it is still life sketching I am expert in. In my leisure time I read as well. Up til now I like Elif Shafak, Mumtaz Mufti, Ashfaq Ahmed, Banu Qudsia, and Mushtaq Ahmed Yusfi. Amongst my favorite books are The Architect’s Apprentice, Talaash, Zavia, Raja Gidh, and Aab-e-Gum.

I have skills to mark the loop holes in society through writing along with the self-exploration of soul and mystic world. So I am here for the purpose.

The picture is Still life oil pastel work which I sketched back in 2010.